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Ballentine Spence House Structural Repairs 2Ballentine Spence House Structural Repairs 1Our current project at Ballentine-Spence house is having the structural beams under the center of the house repaired. Worked started today, June 11th, 2013.

The professionals working on this job include our structural engineer Jessica Kimes with RB Engineering and David Johnson our general contractor with New River Renovations.  David Johnson’s crew includes Jesse and Fugi.

The work to be completed includes:

  • Sister termite-damaged floor beams by sistering with new (2) 2×8 beams. Thru-bolt to connect new and existing beams (4 total). Install supplemental piers beneath damaged beams per plan (5 total). An additional member may be installed against the bottom edge of the damaged beams prior to installing additional piers.
  • Replace termite-damaged floor joists with new 2×8 floor joists at max. 16″ O.C.; double the joists/framing around the opening in the middle of this floor section.
  • Replace leaning/dry-stacked pier at the right corner of the porch with a property mortared pier or equivalent support on a new cast-in-place concrete footer (1 total).
  • Install new (3) 2×8 drop girder where existing supplemental support is no longer functioning. new drop girders shall be supported by new concrete block piers or equivalent on cast-in-place concrete footers. (3 total).

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This project should take about 6 weeks. Our contractor already filed for the permit through Fuquay Varina. The city and our structural engineer will inspect the completed work.

See you tomorrow!

~ Anna