Wood Flooring UpdatesFlooring Updates

We called in our trusty flooring expert, Bob St. Clair, to let us know what needed to be done. We ended up needing to replace the threshold and several pieces of flooring in the room. All 3 layers of the floor had been eaten by termites over the years.

To make sure that the 2 base layers of flooring were done properly we called in our favorite contractor, David Johnson with New River Renovations. His team also completed the structural repairs we had done last July.

The next step now is for Bob St. Clair to come back and finish laying the top layer of flooring.

Toilet UpgradeBathroom Upgrades

We replaced an older and not fully functioning toilet upstairs with a beautiful new throne.

This may just be the most amazing toilet we have ever had. When they say a Toto is better, they mean it!

We also updated the existing bathtub faucet with a new shower fixture in our upstairs bath.

This new feature really helps this bathroom be fully functional and family friendly.   We are now working on finding and installing a shower curtain that will fit within this bathrooms layout.

We have now been in our home for 8 months and things are starting to come together!

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