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Spring Time in Fuquay-VarinaWe have had another exciting month here at the Ballentine-Spence House.

The following work was completed on the property:

  •  The floor was repaired in the first floor guest room. 2 old pipe pieces were removed where a sink or toilet had previously been installed and were left sticking out of the termite eaten floorboards. We had all three layers of pine flooring replaced, including several sub-floor areas were strengthened by cross-beams and supports.
  • A beautiful yellow rose bush donated to us by my parents, Jere & Joan Wilson, was planted in the backyard.
  • Several packages of daffodil bulbs were planted in the rear garden area.
  • The carriage house was washed down.
  • The rear of the house of washed down.


The following work is still ongoing:

  • Our hot water heater died on March 6, 2014, we are still waiting for the plumber to install our new hot water heater. (March 25, 2014)
  • We are putting together a list of landscapers to contact for bids on drainage around the house and simple landscape beautification.
  • We are keeping an eye on the original tin roof. The condition is still acceptable, however the roof will need to be re-sealed and painted. We are also considering the option of repairing and re-opening the original gutters from 1910.
  • The upstairs shower is now ready for a circular shower curtain to be installed.
  • Our front sidewalk and driveway are currently under construction as the city replaces them with a beautiful upgraded brick edged design. Will be exciting to see them when they are finished.
  • The main water main valve for our house at the street entrance was uncovered during the current construction and a leak was found. The city is currently working on repairing that leak as well.
  • We are still looking into metal handrails for the front and side exterior porch stairs.
  • We need to repaint the back shed and several exterior sections of the main house.

This month we enjoyed a lively and fun group of guests for our Murder Mystery Party on March 15, 2014.  We had 39 characters solving the mystery of the Duke of Earl’s untimely passing!

We had a lovely group host their organizational meeting at our home on Friday, March 14, 2014. I just loved their St. Patty Day decorations!

Spring time has arrived at the Ballentine-Spence House. We have taken several photos of the blooms we are seeing in our gardens! So excited to see all this beautiful new life!

We are getting organized for two more Murder Mystery parties that will feature a brand new mystery! At our April 26, 2014 Murder Mystery Party we will have an all female group portraying female and male characters solving the Murder at the Juice Joint! At our May 17, 2014 Murder Mystery Party we will have a wonderful group of people, some driving in as far as Fayetteville to help us solve the Murder at the Juice Joint!

We have a wonderful group of new mothers meeting at our home on the first Friday of each month from 11am-1pm. They belong to the Babywearing International group.