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Jebb Graff photo of Ballentine-Spence House in the springThe months seem to be flying by here at the Ballentine-Spence House. We have really been enjoying this beautiful spring season! Our yard is continuously blooming with bushes, flowers and trees!

The following work was completed on the property:

  • Our hot water heater was replaced and is working Great!
  • Our front sidewalks have been completed.
  • Our main water valve by the street has been repaired.
  • We have installed and completed the original screen door for the upstairs balcony.
  • We had the back of the house primed.
  • We found more termites and the exterminator has cleared them out again.
  • We installed 2 more “Owls” to help protect the exterior of the house from our friendly Woodpecker.
  • We had a ceiling fan installed in the upstairs office.

The following work is still ongoing:

  • We are looking into using or replacing a few existing window screens.
  • We need to finish painting the back of the house.
  • Door frame needs to be replaced that was eaten out by termites.
  • We need to prime and paint the shed.
  • We are putting together a list of landscapers to contact for bids on drainage around the house and simple landscape beautification.
  • We are keeping an eye on the original tin roof. The condition is still acceptable, however the roof will need to be re-sealed and painted. We are also considering the option of repairing and re-opening the original gutters from 1910.
  • The upstairs shower is now ready for a circular shower curtain to be installed.
  • Our driveway is still under construction, so we are still parking in the street. Will be exciting to see them when they are finished.
  • We are still looking into metal handrails for the front and side exterior porch stairs.
  • We need to paint the porch floor and ceiling.

We have a few groups using the Ballentine-Spence House now.

We are hosting a few events in May including: