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tomatoes are growing strongWe are really enjoying this beautiful gardening weather! Our tomato plants from Garden Hut are growing like no tomorrow!

Our peaches are growing and blackberry plants are blossoming. Our bell peppers and squash are looking happy in their garden homes.

Our lettuce has done an outstanding job and we are planning on doubling our planting next year.

We have just installed the tepees we will use for our string green beans and we will also be planting a green bean bush! haha!

Our butterfly bush has just started flowering outside of our dining room window and I can’t wait to see the butterflies and hummingbirds!

Our hammock is swinging and our patriotic bunting is flowing in the wind on our balcony!

Hope you are having a wonderful spring and are looking forward to your summer!

Cheers for now,

Anna & Brean Campbell