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Blackberries at the Ballentine-Spence House gardensWe are expanding our garden this year to include several vegetables, herbs and a few fruits.

Our peaches have been attracting deer and squirrels. Our blackberries are grabbing the attention of all of our beautiful birds.

Tomato Plant at Ballentine-Spence House gardensOur golden tomatoes are slowly becoming ripe and are truly delicious!

We are having the best time watching our string green beans and our green bean bushes take off! They are doubling in size every day!

Our squash are continuing to grow and producing beautiful yellow flowers.

Bell Pepper plant at Ballentine-Spence House gardensThe bell peppers are starting to flower and producing gorgeous plump peppers!

We have sage, basil, lemon balm, fennel, and more delicious herbs giving us amazing treats with all of our meals. The lemon balm is perfect in tea to provide a very calm and restful sleep.

How is your summer gardening? We would love to hear about what you are planting and how it is going.

Anna & Brean Campbell