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Ballentine-Spence House libraryWhat a wonderful hot summer day we are having here at the Ballentine-Spence House. To keep ourselves busy and out of the heat we have discovered the fun of creating a warm and inviting library!

Novel Living by Lisa Occhipinti found at the Fuquay-Varina LibraryWhile reading Novel Living by Lisa Occhipinti from our local Fuquay-Varina Library, I discovered how much we could do with our library and how enjoyable it would be while working on it.

Jay's terrarium filled with treasures instead of plants. Found at KnB's Marketplace in downtown Fuquay-VarinaSo, Jay and I got to work finding the perfect place for her newly found vintage terrarium.  She found this wonderful terrarium at the KnB’s Marketplace in downtown Fuquay-Varina. While she was busy finding treasures to place inside her terrarium, I was off finding books to fill our lonely bookshelves.

After about two hours we had already started creating the home library of our dreams. A place where we could relax, enjoy reading our favorite books, and treasure the memories being created there.

Anna & Jay Campbell