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Gardening at the Ballentine-Spence House in North CarolinaOur “bean pole yard long Orient Wonder” are having a tough time. We got a late start putting them into the ground and will retry them again next year in March in a different location.

Our green bean bushes however are doing much better! We have planted them in three different locations to see which would produce the best results and growing in pots by the side of the shed so far has been the best! The bean pods have started growing, very exciting to watch nature in action.

Ballentine-Spence House butterfly bushOur “Miss Ruby” butterfly bush seems happy in her location by the side of the house. Hoping she will be better situated with more blooms next year.

Our “knock out” roses are keeping to themselves this year, they may start coming back in early fall.

I had completely forgotten that we picked out two different types of bell peppers for this years crop. HA! To my surprise our adorable green bell peppers started turning bright orange over night! What a wonderful surprise that was in the morning.

Gardening squash at the Ballentine-Spence House in North CarolinaThe ants and bees have been helping to fertilize our squash plants. We have three healthy plants really starting to have fun.

Our tomato plants have been struggling in the summer heat we have been experiencing so far, but our rouge tomato bush is going gang busters!!! She has a bunch of blooms and seems to be getting ready for action.

Our two peach trees are getting stronger. Our “Peach Bell of Georgia” ripened her peaches the fastest. Our local squirrels enjoyed a delicious feast. Our “Alberta Peach” is still working on her peaches. We have been using Neem Oil on both peach trees and that has helped immensely with offensive and harmful bugs.

Off to the garden,

Anna & Brean Campbell