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Exterior maintenance at the Ballentine-Spence HouseWhen our home was built in 1910 the colors were minimalist and the materials were strong and long lasting. To adhere to our historical society requests of maintaining the exterior of the property as close to the original as possible we are only allowed to use white paint.

The art of this is that over the past 105 years there have been about a hundred different types of white used. haha! So, we get to be creative and select the specific type of white we love best.

Brean is busy at work on some exterior maintenance today scraping and priming a section we had a professional painting company update for us two years ago.

scraping paint at a historical landmarkWe have learned a great deal about quality and style of primers and paints over the past two years. We are learning which brands are up to their claims and which ones are not. So far the high price brands at Sherwin Williams are not able to live up to the day to day weather beating our house receives here in the south with all the glorious sun and rain. And surprisingly, a little less expensive brands with great history and integrity are doing much better!

For us, one of the most important pieces of maintaining the exterior siding is doing a really good job of scraping all the loose paint off prior to priming. And when we prime, we need to use good strong strokes of paint. We let the primer sit from 8 hours to 2 days before adding the first layer of paint.

Each step provides us with potentially more years of not having to redo that part of the exterior.

What have you been busy updating or maintaining around your house? We would love to see pictures!

Anna & Brean Campbell