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Ballentine-Spence House new roof 2015We started experiencing a few minor water leaks in February 2014 and we had repairs completed to patch the necessary areas. Our original tin metal roof from 1910 had finally met its end. We sadly had to consider other options.

Replacing the roof with like kind only provided us with a guarantee of one year without future leaks and was well over $28,000. We then considered a new standing seam metal roof with a long life expectancy costing over $24,000; however the Capital Area Preservation Association discouraged this type of roofing and recommended architectural style asphalt shingles to match the previously installed shingles on the wrap around porch.

Ballentine-Spence House new roof 2015The process of researching the different types of roofing, completing the approval process with Capital Area Preservation Association and scheduling between rain storms, we are thrilled to finally have a brand new and leak free roof on the Ballentine-Spence House after twenty (20) months.

It is amazing how fast time can slip by and you can hardly tell the difference between our previous and current roof. We love it!