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terrarium garden at the historical Ballentine-Spence House in Fuquay-VarinaWe have been so busy working on the inside and outside of the Ballentine-Spence House that our gardens have sadly been neglected. But, we have exciting plans to remedy this oversight!

This past spring we planted two peach trees and two blackberry bushes in the rear garden areas.

We have also been trying our hand at winter lettuce, onions, and broccoli. So far, mother nature has claimed more back to her good earth that we have been able to fully cultivate. Creativity has been the root of all success in our gardens so far; from re-purposing our daughters terrarium to using every jar we could get our hands on, just to help each plant survive and flourish.

Friends sharing gardening books with us.No garden is complete without friends. I would like to thank our wonderful neighbors Brandy Taylor and Patty Byrne for sharing their gardening books, words of experience and delicious seeds with us.

We are learning about the beauty and practicality of fences when it comes to hungry little critters during winter. We are also learning about protection from too much rain and too much cold.

Our future plans include:

We are growing new seedlings every two weeks and will hopefully have a full garden by spring! Gardening has been a way for us to spend quality time offline, filling our lungs with fresh air, learning new skills, and providing us with healthy treats.

Happy gardening,

Anna Campbell