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Ballentine-Spence House Spring 2017 - pink dogwoodWe love springtime here at the Ballentine-Spence House in Fuquay-Varina. Spring fever has definitely helped us start many projects around the house and property.

Our azaleas are waking up and showering us with beautiful shades of pink, yellow, purple and white. While driving through town we noticed Azaleas are for sale at the Coins+Plus store located at 715 North Main Street. They are supporting several local organizations including the Fuquay-Varina Woman’s Club and Fuquay-Varina Garden Club.

We are also enjoying our bi-annual camellias that are currently blooming up our driveway and the last blooms of our daffodils. Unfortunately, we had a frost come through while the tulips were blooming and stopped them in their tracks. Hopefully, we will see their beautiful blooms next year.

Ballentine-Spence House Spring 2017 - azaleasOur carrots are coming up after all of the beautiful rain we have been receiving. We planted several varieties last fall and they are delicious!

We planted hundreds of perennial and annual flower seeds several weeks ago and those are busy coming up as well.

On a personal note, Anna underwent emergency spinal surgery on December 14th due to a ruptured disc. We are thankful that she has exceeded all initial exceptions with her ongoing recovery. She received a prognosis of a 50% chance of ever walking again after surgery. She currently is working on walking around our local community and her NC State University community as her energy levels allow. We have many things to be thankful for this spring!

Ballentine-Spence House Spring 2017 - pink dogwoodOur pink dogwood is in full bloom out front for all to see. Drive or walk on by to see all of its beautiful pink blooms.

Brean has been busy on several projects around the property. He has been stacking up wood for our wood burning firebox that keeps the downstairs nice and toasty during winter.

We had a few extra unexpected guests this winter. Area cats discovered a few loose bricks leading under our house, those have now been put back in place. And area squirrels either discovered or created a hole leading into our attic. That has now been covered with treated wood. We learned that treated wood needs to remain unpainted for a specific amount of time. Once that time passes, it will be painted.

Ballentine-Spence House Spring 2017Brean is currently planting our new blueberry bushes and painting another section of our front porch.

We will be working on a few exterior painting areas of the house and replacing some wood siding on the garage.

We wish you a beautiful and happy spring in your corner of the world!

Brean & Anna Campbell